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Welcome to Real Results Realty

Hello! I am Sheri Duignan with Real Results Realty Inc. and co-author of “Home to Home – The Step by Step Senior Housing Guide”. My company helps Senior Homeowners and their families sell their homes in metro Atlanta. I am also one of the Founding Board members of “Freedom Transitional Housing Foundation” a Non-profit set up to provide housing for people facing housing insecurities.


Homeowners usually call us because they want to better understand their options when it comes to: Selling their home, staying in their home longer, and deciding the best options of where they want to go. We help them navigate all of their options and avoid getting ripped off.


I have successfully helped many families with their homes over the last 5 years. Before Real Estate, I worked in the fitness industry for over 20 years. 

We are real estate professionals who have a passion for helping people, renovating homes, improving neighborhoods, and giving back to our community, one house at a time.

We are professional homebuyers and can buy your home, cash in its current condition, so you don’t have to make any repairs. You can even leave behind any unwanted belongings. Just focus on what you want to take and leave the rest to us. If you’d prefer to list it on the market, whether you invest money into it or not, we can help with that as well. Let us take the uncertainty out of selling your home.


Either way, our goal is to provide you complete peace of mind you’re making the right decision. Our priority is to walk you through the entire process and ensure you have a seamless transaction no matter which option you choose. 

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Our Core Values


Integrity: Do the right thing

  • People above all else

  • Leave people in better situations than when you met them.

  • Treat people how you would be treated. Be compassionate. And always treat people with RESPECT.


Honesty: Do what you say

  • Stand behind our word

  • Be reliable

  • Trustworthy



  • We enjoy what we do and have fun while we do it.

  • Solution based thinking.

  • Be Consistent in all that we do.

  • Take care of ourselves and others.

Home to Home-The Step by Step Senior Housing Guide

Sheri Duignan shares the knowledge she acquired in two decades of working in Real Estate. Aimed at seniors who are planning for their retirement years and the adult children of seniors, Sheri lays out multiple roadmaps in practical terms that can be used to make informed decisions about selling- or keeping, the family home.

Preparation is the key and Sheri lays out mistakes to avoid and advice to consider. Her insights can help seniors avoid financial pitfalls and take full advantage of their home’s true value.

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