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Sheri Duignan

Wife, Author, Cash Home buyer, Realtor, House Flipper, Non-Profit Board Member.

Sheri was born and raised in Annapolis, MD but spent summers in North Carolina living with her Grandparents.  After high school she attended Elon College not far from where her Grandparents lived. Sheri felt blessed to be able to spend quality time visiting them while in school.  It’s Sheri’s close relationship with her Grandparents that inspired her to help as many Seniors and their families as she can. After graduating college, she married and moved to Atlanta, GA where she worked for over 20 years in the Fitness Industry. Another career where she enjoyed helping others.  Sheri always had a passion for Real Estate. In 2004 she got into Real Estate part time but it quickly became her passion and eventually her full-time career. In 2016 she got her license and started buying and renovating houses full-time. She realized however for her, it wasn’t about the house, it was about the people. It’s her passion for helping people that inspired her to start a non-profit where she plans to renovate the homes she buys and use them, when possible, to provide housing for individuals facing housing insecurities. Homelessness is a crisis. She may not be able to solve homelessness for the world, but she hopes to do her part to solve it for as many as she can, one house at a time.

Decades of Experience 

Real Results Realty, Inc. has decades of experience. Rely on our experience to provide you with vast knowledge and access to a variety of options that fit your specific needs.


We understand you have many options for selling your home. We also understand navigating all of those options can be quite overwhelming. We are here to help. Our team is here to help guide you through the pros and cons of each option so that you can confidently determine the best fit for you. We are here to help ensure you get a fair offer for your home no matter how you decide to sell.


We will provide you the best resources whether you want to:


  • Stay in your home

  • Sell your home for cash, “as-is” in its current condition

  • Fix it and list it

  • List it

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