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Are you unsure whether you should stay in your home, list it, fix it, or just sell it?


Are you concerned about living by yourself yet don’t want to give up your independence?


Do you have a Senior family member with changing health and living needs?


Do you have a solid plan in place to address your (or your family members) changing needs (health and living), that offers options, fits into your budget, and helps ensure a smooth transition?


Are you interested in learning more about the best options for Senior Housing?


Are you confused about all the options available to sell your home?


Are you afraid you’ll be taken advantage of and not get the best offer?


Would you like to have a solid plan in place that helps you navigate all of these areas?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, this guide will help you.

The goal of this book is to answer ALL of these questions and many more.  We even have a workbook to supplement it.  Senior Housing options can be overwhelming, “Home to Home” will dispel and misconceptions about Senior Housing and help you and your family navigate through the decisions you are currently or will soon be facing. 

Don’t wait till it’s too late… get the book today and start developing your plan now. The sooner you get started the more options you’ll have available.

What you will learn from this book

Options for Selling Your Home

Creating a plan to sell your home and understanding the mistakes to avoid.


Senior Housing Choices

Understanding the Three Levels of Care and how to choose the right facility.


Keeping Your Home and Staying

Learn what you’ll need to consider should you decide to stay at home or with a family member.


Build a roadmap for keeping your home.


The Costs of Senior Housing

Understanding the costs and affordability of independent care versus assisted living facilities.


Knowing the differences between smaller Residential Assisted living facilities and Larger more Institutional facilities.


Planning the Ideal Destination:

Checklists for planning the roadmap for choosing the right option for your situation and timeline.


Special Challenges for Family:

Understanding the impact on family members and important questions to consider.

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